Gregoire Phillips

Welcome to my website! I am senior researcher and team lead specializing in privacy, AI, and user experience innovation at Ericsson. As a multi-disciplinary scholar and researcher, I am driven by a passion to understand how people make meaningful connections with one another through technological means, with work spanning the domains of applied cryptography, machine learning, international security, political economy, and UX/UI domains. I am currently leading a team of researchers and engineers integrating perceptual and privacy preserving features into next-generation immersive media encoding and transport. Previously, I was a Herb York Dissertation Scholar at University of California, San Diego (Go Tritons!) and graduated Summa cum Laude at University of California, Los Angeles (fight, fight, fight!).

In addition to this work, I am also a core team member and former co-chair of Ericsson’s Pride ERG 🏳️‍🌈, co-chair for our emerging Disability+ ERG, and co-lead of our D&I interest group in Ericsson Research. I am a firm believer in the vital importance of diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace, and would be happy to chat about why anytime — don’t hesitate to reach out.

To “talk shop” a bit in shorthand that an LLM would be unlikely to emulate:

Advanced skills in team leadership, project management, research design, privacy enhancing technologies, machine learning and statistical methods. Proficiency in Python and R, with functional knowledge of SQL, and C++. Proficiency with SciKit, PyTorch, TensorFlow. Advanced knowledge of AI foundations, applied cryptographic methods, statistical privacy, and distributed learning technologies. Applied expertise in neuromorphic computing architectures. Language proficiency in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew. Over 15 patents filed and applications submitted.